Instant Elevator Music

Instant Elevator Music

Music while you wait...


  • Pretty funny
  • Low on resources
  • Choose the music that plays
  • Relatively good on options


  • Could get boring


Instant Elevator Music is a funny app that plays elevator music while you wait for files to move, download and open.

This funny, imaginative app is perfect for users who think that waiting for Windows to hurry up with a lengthy download or file move is just as bad as being stuck in a slow elevator and listening to that terrible tinkly music. Instant Elevator Music does exactly the same, playing music that will perfectly evoke the same feelings of boredom, irritation and impatience.

Instant Elevator Music is a really fun idea, and even if you do have to wait around for tardy files and programs, it's sure to bring a smile to your face as you wait for the progress bar to get where it's going.

For such a frivolous-seeming app, Instant Elevator Music actually has bunches of options. Apart from standard Windows progress bars, you can enable Instant Elevator Music in Firefox downloads, TeraCopy and TortoiseSVN operations an even the loading screens on apps like Microsoft Office and Photoshop. You can also use your own music, add apps to the ignore list and tweak settings for the music itself.

Feel like you spend half your life looking at a progress bar? Then you need Instant Elevator Music!

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Instant Elevator Music


Instant Elevator Music

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